Regulatory, Quality and Safety Documentation

Need some documentation? a regulatory exposition (aviation or OHSMS)? a Quality Manual? Safety Manual? Some processes to keep your business in tip-top condition? planning for emergency management? I can do that for you

Why do you do what you do? How do you do it? How do you teach new team members or remind experienced personnel of these things? a manual or suite of documentation. Today’s business is about risk management, maximising potential and retaining your customers is good management, appropriate documentation can help with that,



Many people worry about audits, whether they are new to certified systems or have bad memories. Let me take away the concern, walking you through quality and safety auditing, looking at your systems in place and demystifying the process.




Hazard and risk Management

You and your team need to understand the hazards and risks in the working environment, and be able to assess changing (or different) requirements. Many organizations use a variation on the ‘Job Safety Analysis’ form to assess operational risk, but this is a learned skill and the team need to know how to do this, and what to do with the assessment when they do it. I can help your team learn to use your forms and make life safer for everyone.


Risk is often seen as an accounting thing, it’s much bigger than that. Identification of business and operational hazards and the risk associated with then and the mitigation of them is core to successful business, let me show you how.

I attended a Risk Management Workshop, OSH is not my favourite topic with my role I think I am obligated to gain more knowledge in this area.  Emma gave me a different perspective on how to view OSH as a system and how we communicate that as a business.

Andrew Brown

Framingham Wines